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The Significance of January 14th

Uttarayan is a festival celebrated by millions of Indians (specifically Gujaratis) on January 14th.  This day is important because it marks a solar shift in which the Sun moves North with respect to the celestial sphere.  This signifies warm climates and longer periods of daylight, which is important for farmers especially.  It is symbolic of the new harvest and new beginnings.  People fly kites to celebrate this and to show off their skills.  Flying a kite for a prolonged period of time requires graceful strength, a quality that we can implement in our lives to be successful and happy.

Uttarayan has one more importance for us. It was the day our Pujya Guruji, H.H. Acharya Shree Avichaldasji Maharajshree took the head seat of our Sampradaya and became Gadi Pati of Kaival Gyan Sampradaya.  He has been the head of our organization for 43 years now and today, we celebrate the 44th anniversary of his Gadi Abhishek Day.  He is a true example of what a leader should be like.  He has led our organization in a fine manner, showing us how to be knowledgeable, giving, charismatic individuals.  He has given us Gyan and showed us how we can attain true happiness through our Bhakti and Seva.  He is truly an inspiration and we are lucky to so fortunate to call him our Guru.

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 The Importance of Mahibij

 To UNDERSTAND what Paramguru Pragatya is - CLICK HERE

In reality, in order to protect and lead the ‘ANSHAS’(devotees) of the world, on completely perfect, real and true religious path, None but only the Benevolent, Eminent, Judicious, Most Impartial Dignitary in the religious world the Supreme Master of Divinity - HIS DIVINE GRACE PRAGATPARAMGURU SHREEMAT KARUNASAGARMAHARAJ who, from the eternal, luminous and sacred abode of “KAIVAL KARTA – ANSHI” and with His divine treasure of nectar like eternal, unique, unusual, transcendental, extremely excellent and perfect divine spiritual and philosophical“Kaival Gynan”(knowledge) and absolutely unique “Principle of Sakartaa”, descended on the earth on 2nd February, 1773 Tuesday (Vikram Samvant 1829 Maha Sudi Bija).

He was the ‘Incarnation’ of the ‘Parama Vishesh ANSHA’ of “KAIVAL KARTA –ANSHI” and in disguise of a ‘Baala muni’ had descended at ‘Balkuver’ (new name of a Kasora village) a small village near sarsapuree, taluka and district Anand, Gujarat State ( Bharat), INDIA –388365.

HIS DIVINE GRACE PRAGAT PARAMGURU SHREEMAT KARUNASAGARMAHARAJwas the First and Foremost Promoter of the “KAIVAL GYNAN PEETHA” at Sarsapuree. He preached the religious doctrines with the sound and unrefutable examples and illustrations to eliminate illusion and ignorance of the ‘ANSHAS’(detached devotees) and established absolutely real and true devotion to the “KAIVALKARTA”, WHO never ever descends on the earth.

HIS DIVINE GRACE PRAGAT PARAMGURU SHREEMAT KARUNASAGARMAHARAJ composed the auspicious and sacred ten ‘Prabhaata Pada’ and nine ‘Mangala Pada’ contain the unique, unusual and unfathomable eternal, divine spiritual and philosophical “Kaival Gynan” like an ocean of nectar full of “Kaival Gynan” in a small earthen pot (gagarmanh Saagara). If detached ‘ANSHAS’ (devotees) ardently and devotionally meditate and recite ‘Prabhaata Pada and ‘Mangal Pada’, are absolutely endowed with the compassion of the Eminent Personality of Divinity – HIS DIVINEGRACE PRAGAT PARAMGURU.

Consequently, ‘ANSHAS’ (detached devotees) attain ‘true relief’, from the illusion and ignorance which induces in their hearts, the attachment, anger, anxiety, fear, greed, pride, passion, vanity, lust, and temptation etc…, as such ‘ANSHAS’discard the fallacies and vagaries of the world.

Ultimately, when ‘ANSHAS’ are enlightened and awakened by the sacred preaching of HIS DIVINE GRACEPRAGAT PARAMGURU SHREEMAT KARUNASAGAR MAHARAJ, realize their own person (‘self realization’ as an ANSHAS of the “ANSHI”) and hence ‘ANSHAS’ further attain Reunited with “ANSHI – SAT KAIVAL SAHEB” WHO endows them with peace, bliss and “eternal salvation”which prevails ceaselessly in the ‘Kaival Dhaama’..

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