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This Month's Feature

Bhal Tilak

His divine grace Paramguru Shreemat Karunasagar Maharajshree has explained the meaning of the Bhal Tilak in two of his granths; Aghadh Bodh and Pancham Sukshma Ved. Paramguru has used science and biology in both of these granths to explain many traditions (like the Bhal Tilak) and phenomenom we see around us everyday. The Bhal Tilak is a symbol of a Jyoti (flame) of a burning candle. When the Pranava (breathing) flows through with uniformity from both Pinghala and Inghala Naadees (Right and Left Nostrils), the third Naadee in the middle (Sukshmana Naadee) opens up and at that time, the person is in a complete tranquil state completely dedicated to Kaival Karta. When these Pinghala and Inghala Naadees meet the Sukshmana Naadee it forms a symbol like a Jyoti (flame) of a burning candle and it forms a Bhal Tilak on the middle of the forehead. The Bhal Tilak is made up of Kanku (inside) and Chandan (outside). Chandan represent surataa and nurataa (both meaning steady and deep concentration of the mind). Behind the upper point of the Bhal Tilak, the Brahma Randhra (cerebral cortex) is situated and this is the place where the ANSHA resides. The Bhal Tilak connects us directly to Karta.


Sat Kaival Saheb

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